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Five High-Danger Jobs in Construction

By on Aug 25, 2018 in Construction |


18 07 C Five High Danger Jobs in Construction - Five High-Danger Jobs in Construction

Whether it’s falling machinery, fire hazards, or tripping over debris, construction remains one of the most dangerous industries to work for in the US and worldwide. However, some construction jobs are consistently ranked as the most dangerous ones in the industry, so take special care if you find yourself involved in one of these construction-based tasks.

1. Working with power tools

When you first work with power tools, you tend to be very cautious. However, with repeated use, the tasks become more mundane and easy for the worker, which can actually lead to dangers. The more that a task becomes “second nature”, the more likely you are to lose concentration and form sloppy habits which aren’t safe. According to the OSHA, 37,000 people injure themselves every year from nail guns alone. Be careful with power tools!

2. Operating heavy equipment

It’s not uncommon to find heavy machinery on construction sites, and the operators of this potentially dangerous machinery need to be well trained and educated on safe procedures. Heavy machinery should be maintained and inspected regularly, ensuring that it is safe to use for operators.

3. Constructing ducts and sewers

Working in confined spaces is dangerous if proper ventilation is not provided, as workers could be low on vital levels of oxygen and thus become unwell. Tight spaces obviously present a range of challenges, including getting trapped, so there needs to be evacuation and emergency routes planned well in advance of work being carried out.

4. Demolishing things

As fun as it may seem, demolition is an undoubtedly risky business. Demolition is construction’s most unpredictable job, as despite one’s best guesses, the forces of physics may bring down a building in unexpected ways. Of course, this volatility can be mitigated with proper planning, but demolition carries an innate sense of “anything can happen”.

5. Working at height

Working on high-rise construction sites presents an obvious danger of falling from a great height (probably to your death) if adequate safety equipment is not provided. 40% of construction site deaths are caused by falls, so it’s essential to take all the proper safety precautions on high-rise projects in order to avoid death or serious injury in your team.

Construction is a dangerous industry, as countless workers have unfortunately found out over the years. If you’re looking for advice on minimizing construction site hazards, speak to a member of our team today!

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