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The Surprising Cornerstone to a Sound Financial Strategy

By on Dec 4, 2018 in Life and Health |

The success of a solid financial strategy might rest squarely on choosing the correct life insurance policy. Possibly due to its nature, life insurance is a subject matter most seek to avoid when creating a financial strategy. And most people are optimistic. Who wants to imagine themselves out of the picture when they are thinking about their loved one’s futures?

Yet each day folks face life-changing situations. The local news is filled with stories of people passing… Some gently and some in terrible and unexpected ways. The truth is that all of us want to live to old age, yet there are those dealing with death. Were they prepared? Are you?

When families think about the future, they envision a time with multiple generations gathered around for the Holidays. For some is an inspiration to work hard to make this future vision come to fruition. Yet one cancer diagnoses can shatter that vision. So can a stroke. Same with an auto accident. Left without a parent, income, and spouse a family is left emotionally broken. And this is often compounded with poor planning that also leaves the family destitute.

As you think about life insurance within your financial strategy, there are two key questions to ask. Am I covered? Do I have enough coverage?

Am I covered? It’s a simple question. Without life insurance, you would leave your household in a situation where they may have to sell their belonging, take on more work, and where children could potentially be separated.

Do I have enough coverage? This can be a little more challenging. You may think you have enough life insurance. When was the last time you sat with a qualified life insurance specialist to make sure? Life circumstances change as we age and life insurance must be updated to keep pace with those changes. After all, you want to KNOW your family is adequately protected… you want to be sure you have real security in place.

And while you’re at it… you should investigate disability and long-term care coverage as well. Both help to ease financial burdens in situations where a life-altering event has occurred that you may have survived but that has left you unable to function in the same way as you did before. A solid plan considers all of the possibilities… including the most uncomfortable.

For more details on life insurance policies call today. We’ll help you build a solid insurance plan for your future.

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