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The RBA Insurance Team: RBA and Trahin Miller Insurance Services

The RBA Insurance Program has been saving bakeries money and providing specialized coverages for bakeries since 1996. We know it takes more than saving money on a quality product, you also expect and deserve great service. Trahin Miller Insurance Services prides itself on our exemplary customer service in order to meet your bakery’s needs.
The RBA Insurance Program offers the following advantages:

  • Group Buying Power – By joining your associates, you benefit from lower administrative costs and group experience. These savings are passed on to you by way of lower premiums.
  • Strength and Stability – Rated A++, our companies are some of the largest writers of commercial insurance in the United States.
  • One Stop Shopping – Our total program includes a full range of insurance, ie. Group Health, Life, Disability, Personal Insurance. For more information, refer to our Products page.
  • Fast, Expert Claim Handling – Exceptional claim handling and service, with toll-free numbers for your convenience. That makes claim reporting easy and response time minimal.
  • Exceptional Service – Trahin Miller has many years of experience servicing bakery owners.

Highlights of this program include:

Workers Compensation Coverage

    • Available in all states (except the monopolistic states).
    • All statutory limits and coverage(s) are provided, as well as Employers Liability.
    • 24-Hour claim service.
    • You can add this coverage to your billing plan.


  • Replacement Cost Coverage – Covers full replacement of your damaged property with like, kind and quality.
  • Building and Business Personal Property – Protects your building, building improvements, equipment, inventory, and other property without the fear of a “Co-Insurance” penalty.
  • Business Income – Replaces your lost income for up to 12 months (including employee payroll) should your bakery close due to damage from a covered loss.
  • Signs – Covers all signs within 1,000 feet of your building.
  • Loss of Money or Employee Dishonesty – provides coverage for loss of money and employee theft up to $25,000.
  • Additional Peak Season protection – Provides an additional 25% Business Personal Property coverage during peak seasons.
  • Food Spoilage – $5,000 included in coverage. Higher limits are also available.


  • Increased Liability Limits available of $2,000,000/$4,000,000
  • Product & Business Liability Insurance – Defends and covers you and your bakery from law suits involving the products you make and/or sell and your business on and off premises occurrences. Your defense costs are covered in the event of a lawsuit, even if the claim is false.
  • Medical Payments coverage – Covers up to $5,000 per person for medical expenses incurred by visitors injured in your store, regardless of fault.

Optional Key Coverage(s)

  • Earthquake and/or Flood- Available upon request.
  • Business Computer – Provides hardware and software coverage for your computer or computerized machines.
  • Building Ordinance – Covers the additional costs to replace existing property to comply with current building ordinances.
  • Accidental Equipment Breakdown – Protects mechanical or electrical machines designed to generate, transmit or utilize mechanical or electrical power.

Additional Key Coverage(s)

  • Business Automobile
  • Commercial Umbrella Policy

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