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Personal Protection

Six Top Tips for Home Protection

By on Jun 12, 2018 in Personal Protection |

A big part of owning your own home, or even renting a property, is protecting it and your personal belongings inside. If you’re concerned about home protection, then here are six of the best tips that you need to keep your home and belongings safe from harm: Change Your Approach The only way to achieve comprehensive protection is to consider just where your...

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First Time Getting a Home Insurance Policy? Here Are the Top Tips You Need…

By on Jun 6, 2018 in Personal Protection |

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions that you’ll make in your life. Not only does it free you from the restraints of having to pay rent, but it’s a valuable long-term investment that makes sense in more than one way when it comes to finances. One of the biggest things that first-time home buyers have to face, is how to save vital funds when they...

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Tips on how to lower car insurance rates in 2018

By on Apr 27, 2018 in Personal Protection, Uncategorized |

Car insurance rates can be crippling, especially if you’re young, have been caught up in accidents, or if you’re not able to afford to latest state-of-the-art car with futuristic safety features. Though car insurance premiums can be a pain to pay, here we offer you 8 tips on lowering your car insurance rates in 2018. 1. Car insurance discounts There are...

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Preventing Dog Bites

By on Mar 29, 2018 in Personal Protection |

We love our dogs… the wagging tails… the kisses. And yet dog ownership has challenges. Dogs bite more than 4.5 million people each year. Of those, nearly 900,000 are severe enough to require medical intervention. In addition, dog bites are costly. The typical cost per canine attack case settled through insurance is over $28,000. It’s a big...

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Tips on Finding Home Insurance Savings

By on Mar 22, 2018 in Personal Protection |

Have an apartment or a house? You naturally need home insurance. The challenge is most people get home insurance and then ignore it. The thing is, as time goes by your living situation changes. You may acquire more things like jewelry or art. You may make improvements to your home. You might have added a home theater. In any case, you need your insurance to keep...

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Common and Expensive Car Insurance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By on Feb 23, 2018 in Personal Protection |

Important Information Most people will not argue the need to have car insurance for their cars because they know that how important auto insurance is to cover difficult situations such as theft, natural disasters, and accidents. However, what most car-owners don’t know is how to avoid certain car insurance challenges. Some of the the most common mistakes range...

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